KLA PROJECT download : New Album 2008

At 29 November 2008 kla have entered the age of 20 years. Their progress in the world music of the country, of course, the more mature. Kla again this time will launch their new album with theme or title KLA RETURNS 2008. Latest album is the track that contains 4 songs of these two songs is new and two again is repackage songs. in first song (someday), KLA featured by Christopher Aguilar (rapper from england) and below is songs of KLA PROJECT RETURNS ALBUM :

1. Kla Project From The Returns Album 2008 " Someday" download
2. Kla Project From The Returns Album 2008 " Tak Ingin Ku beralih" download
3. Kla Project From The Returns Album 2008 " Jogjakarta" download
4. Kla Project From The Returns Album 2008 " Semoga" download

Notice :
Kla Music Project is a group of Indonesian origin who founded by Roselle Nava, lilo (Romulo Radjadin), Adi Adrian, and Ari Burhani. Kla own name from the initials of the band personal name. Because the two personel who have name with initial front of A, then the letter A in the word "kla" made different (using the letter nonkapital). But after the third album released kla (White Sands) in 1992, Ari Burhani and switch out the role as manager to the band at this time.

Then Kla run with the formation of three lay people and five albums. In March 2001, turn out the lilo's band. Kla but still go on despite leaving only Katon and Adi. Then in 2003, kla decided to add three new personnel, namely Erwin Prasetya, Joel Priyatna Day and Goro. Their names are changed to NuKLa. NuKLa was issued one album in 2004 titled the "New Chapter".

In 2006, Erwin Prasetya decided to quit because of differences NuKLa vision. Not long after that, Roselle Nava NuKLa that changed its name back into kla Project. One reason is the difficulty to change the image of the old kla to become new version and vision of KLA. Some members of kla Project also have been made a career solo . Katon has released six albums, Adi print have been made two albums, and lilo made one album only.