Free Nasyid Download : Raihan Part 1

Raihan is a nasyid group originating from Malaysia. Raihan itself means fragrance, and the album debuted with praise and sellers including in Indonesia. Raihan had a double platinum album Demi Masa. Raihan often invited to concerts throughout the world, including in Hong Kong, Canada, France, Russia and the UK. As a concert in England, Raihan award given by Queen Elizabeth II.

Raihan has collaborated with several musical groups, and had tried to experiment in the song Do U Know Him? with RnB group of Muslims in the UK mecca2medina, also collaborated with Muhammad al-Husayyan in Araftuka songs. With the band of Malaysia, has been also collaborating on a song on the album Allahu.

there are some mp3 music of Raihan compilation Part 1 that you can download for free below:
1. Raihan - The Right Path download
2. Raihan - Perjalanan download
3. Raihan - Assubhubada download
4. Raihan - Bonds of Love download
5. Raihan - Itiraf download
6. Raihan - Ching Ai Ching Ai download
7. Raihan - Ashabul Kahfi download
8. Raihan - Assalaimualaikum download

Dangdut Compilation Part 1 : Free Download

Dangdut is a genre of art music that developed in Indonesia. This form of music rooted in the Malay music from the 1940s. In the evolution of the contemporary forms of influence are now entering the music elements of India (especially the use of the tabla) and Arabic (in the twisted and harmonization). Current political changes in Indonesia late 1960s to open the entry of the influence of western music with a strong entry of the use of electric guitar and also the form of marketing. Since 1970s Dangdut can be said has been cooked in a contemporary form. As popular music, Dangdut is open to the influence of other forms of music, ranging from Keroncong, melody, gamelan, gambus, rock, pop, and even house music.

Pronouncing the name "Dangdut" is the voice of onomatope game tabla (in the world called Dangdut kettledrum only) and the characteristic is dominated by the noise and dang ndut. This name is actually a cynic in a magazine article in 1970-an early form of music for wither a very popular class in the community of workers at that time.

there are some mp3 music of Dangdut compilation that you can download for free below:
1. Song of Dangdut part 1 Unknown Artis download
2. Song of Dangdut part 2 Unknown Artis download
3. Jangan Cintai Aku Lagi - Keke download
4. Sepi - Ike Nurjanah download
5. Tentang Cinta - Manis Manja download
6. Seribu Hari - Manis Manja download

The Best Of D'lloyd : Free Download

D'Lloyd consists of Bartje van Houten (guitar), Sjamsuddin (vocal), Chairul (drums), Totok (bass), Budi (KIBOR), and Yuyun (sax / flute). Founded in 1969, and recorded in 1972, D'Lloyd (derived from the word Djakarta Llyod) remains lasting until now.

There is no change personel, except Juhanny Fatmarida Susilo alias Yuyun, who joined in 1995 replacing Andre Gultom who died. "We already have a family so large. Difficult to separate, "said Bartje van Houten, D'Lloyd as leadership.

D'Lloyd is a band that the personel came from different ethnics in the country. Bartje people of Ambon, Sjam from Aceh , Yuyun from Java (Surabaya), and the Batak and Manado also.

there are some mp3 music "The Best" Of D'lloyd compilation that you can download for free below :
1. D'lloyd - Mengapa Harus Jumpa download
2. D'lloyd - Cinta Hampa download
3. D'lloyd - Rintihan Hidup download
4. D'lloyd - Titik Noda download
5. D'lloyd - Pilu download
6. D'lloyd - Oh... Dimana download
7. D'lloyd - Keagungan Tuhan download
8. D'lloyd - Maafkan Segala Dosa download
9. D'lloyd - Diam - Diam Jatuh Cinta download
10. D'lloyd - Bunga Nirwana download
11. D'lloyd - Hidup di Bui download

Pop Sunda Compilation : Free Download

Pop music is a representation of Sundanese musicians Sunda creativity. This kind of music can not escape from the service Koko Koswara (alm) with a more popular nickname Mang Koko. He was born with some pop musicians to enliven Sunda Nusantara music, including Nano S, which compose pop Sunda gamelan combine with kawih Western music and instruments.

He is one of the pioneering early music pop Sunda, the context for this era music more overcast as the flow of music a more contemporary and young. Indeed correct Sundanese pop music can not be compared with Western pop music and the national. However, can not be denied also that pop music is still loved in part of Sunda generation, especially my own.

Sunda pop music is one of the cultural products produced from the tribe of musicians dialectics Sunda Sundanese people with experience, and then packed in estetic back to the awareness of the identity of sundanesse.

With the spirit of modernization, they are not glued to the musical instruments Sunda but with collaborations musical instruments West (diatonik) to preserve the art and culture so forth Sundanese pop music genre.

Historically, according to Edwin Juriens (2006), the birth of pop music artists Bandung Suara Kantjana the 1950s. They are the pioneers combinations lyrics Sundanese instruments with pop music in the West under the leadership of Muhammad Yassin. After that, the relay rod of the creation of pop music and Sunda forwarded Djuhari and Mang Koko. Now, with the time of the case, independent of birth young musicians who give the tone-tone with the tone Sunda rock, pop, hip hop, rap, and so forth.

there are some mp3 music pop sunda compilation that you can download for free below :
0. Intro download
1. Janji Engkang download
2. Dina Melang download
3. Lelesaheun download
4. Ibarat Karat download
5. Kamana Cintana download
6. Bejana download
7. Bulan download

8x10 Tasveer OST 2009: Free Download

8 x 10 Tasveer is a Bollywood film thriller released April 3, 2009, and starring Akshay Kumar and Ayesha Takia. It is directed by Nagesh Kukunoor, and produced by Percept Picture Company. The film features Sharmila Tagore, Javed Jaffrey, Anant Mahadevan, Girish Karnad, Benjamin Gilani, Rushad Rana, Andrea Tully, and Pia Shah in supporting roles. In March 2008, the cast and crew filmed in Calgary, Canada. It was previously called Tasveer, but changed due to the director's insistence that the title was jinxed. The film's music is composed by Salim-Sulaiman with a title track by Bohemia.

There is an underground feel to 'Nazaara Hai' that is dark, haunting, exciting, involving and pretty much in synch with the theme of the film. Boasting of an urban contemporary sound, 'Nazaara Hai' makes an impression in the first hearing and sets the tone for the rest of the soundtrack to follow. A closer hear (especially after the 'remix version' is played) makes one identify the sound of 'Nazaara' with the kind of music that is heard in Sanjay Gupta's films!

A love song comes next and this time around too, the urban mood of the film is kept intact. 'Haafiz Khuda' is a kind of number that plays in the background of the film but that's about it. It sounds decent but doesn't have enough power in it to make listeners play it day in and night out. Also, for a song like this which was completely melody based, there wasn't really a requirement of a 'remix version'. Moreover, for reasons best known to the makers, the song's tune is repeated for 'Kuchh Is Tarah' (which also has a 'remix version' by the way).

Neeraj Sridhar composes 'Aaja Maahi' which follows a route similar to that of 'Haafiz Khuda'. Yet another love song that carries forward the mood of the song preceding it, this one too is an average composition which acts merely as a gap filler. Same is the case with the 'remix version' which only makes you look forward to the song to follow. And this is some lyric from "Aaja Maahi" by Neeraj Shridhar and Tulsi Kumar :

" I don’t want to waste your time,
And tell you how I’m lonely,
But I can’t help to stop myself,
Because you are my one and only,
I’m trying to get close to you,
Don’t know what I can do with,
You may think I’m faking it up,
And you may not believe it.. "

It's Bohemia's show all the way with 'I Got The Picture' (yet another song which also appears in a 'remix version') where he plays the triple role of composer, lyricist and singer. Carrying forward the mood that he created earlier in his rap song for Chandni Chowk To China, Bohemia is much darker this time around, hence going with the theme of the movie. A number which has been placed completely from the promotional standpoint, 'I Got The Picture' is an interesting number but could have made a far better impression if complimented by an exciting music video too. Source from

there are some mp3 music from 8x10 TASVEER (2009) that you can download for free below :
1. "Nazaara Hai" Vishal Dadlani 4:19
2. "Haafiz Khuda" Mohit Chauhan, Tulsi Kumar 4:38
3. "Aaja Maahi" Neeraj Shridhar, Tulsi Kumar 4:19
4. "I Got The Picture" Bohemia 5:05
5. "Kuchh Is Tarah" Mohit Chauhan, Tulsi Kumar 4:38
6. "Haafiz Khuda (Remix)" Mohit Chauhan, Tulsi Kumar 3:26
7. "Nazaara Hai (Remix)" Vishal Dadlani 4:30
8. "Aaja Maahi (Remix)" Neeraj Shridhar, Tulsi Kumar 4:49
9. "I Got The Picture (Remix)" Bohemia 2:46
10. "Kuchh Is Tarah (Remix)"Mohit Chauhan, Tulsi Kumar 3:24

The Zikr (First Album) : Free Download

Nasyid is one of the art in the field of Islamic art is the libretto voice. Is usually figured that Islam and contains words of advice, stories of the prophets, praise God, and the like. Nasyid are usually sung accompanied only with acappela kettledrum. This method appears as many scholars of Islam that forbid the use of musical instruments musical instrument except perkusi.

Nasyid begin to enter the era of Indonesia about 80 years-an. Development started initially by activist-activist who study Islam began to grow in the campuses at that time. At the beginning of a lyric-sung lyric original Arabic. However, eventually developing nasyid with the Indonesian and the theme that the more knowledgeable (not just the theme and jihad martyr). Nasyid usually sung in weddings, holiday celebrations and Muslims.

it is one type of music that simply launch development in the early 90's. Nasyid itself comes from the arab language means hum. In the arab, the whole song is called nasyid, but different in Indonesia, only the theme song about liturgy to Allah SWT only known as nasyid.

Nasyid start appearing in the know from the land of Palestine, the lyric makes the audience to animate the spirit of jihad in the land of Palestine. Indonesia began to enter the early 90's than nasyid the spirit of the land of Palestine is also the country's neighbor Malaysia. Nasyid group from Malaysia who is starting to enter Indonesia is the Zikr, the flow of music that they take the flow Perkusi.

Around 1997, the start entry nasyid group like Raihan, them songs can be received in the community. So also groups other nasyid from Malaysia also like Hijjaz, Rabbani, and others.

Now the flow of the type of music that one is growing in Indonesia, almost in every area we can find nasyid groups.

We can find the nasyid group that is quite senior and can be the precursor nasyid groups in Indonesia, namely Snada, and Gradient Izzatul Islam. Voters in Malang have companionship, in Bandung have BPM, Mupla, Mentari, The Fikr, Hawari. in Yogyakarta, we can find a group nasyid Justice Voice, and many other groups that can not be mentioned one by one.

Nasyid from each group that appears, the different types of music that they submit. There are a genre acapella (without musical instruments), perkusi, acoustic, and so forth. Along with the creative nasyid groups in selecting the type of mainstream music and themes to disclose nasyid, nasyid then receive the most knowledgeable in the community throughout. (Source from

there are some Nasyid music from The Zikr that you can download for free below :
1. The Zikr - Disinilah Kita download
2. The Zikr - Sketsa Kehidupan download
3. The Zikr - Mengemis Kasih download
4. The Zikr - Allah Is Calling download
5. The Zikr - Kasih Mesra download
6. The Zikr - Secerah Pawarna download
7. The Zikr - Istri Solehah download
8. The Zikr - Perantau download
9. The Zikr - Rasululah download
10. The Zikr - Tak Seindah Sentuhan Mata download

Free Download Mp3 : Kacapi And Suling Part 1

Kacapi suling is a form of Sundanese music from West Java. It is essentially tembang Sunda minus vocals, and also at interludes between songs at a typical Tembang Sunda performance. The higher pitched kacapi rincik, the lower pitched kacapi indung and the suling flute are the instruments used for kacapi suling. Kacapi suling has instrumental pieces performed in two different scales; the first four in laras pelog convey a light mood, the last four, in laras sorog are more slow and grave. The change to laras sorog usually takes place at midnight and lasts til sunrise.

Many hotels in Indonesia, especially in Bali, and other parts of the world like in Shenzhen China play this Sundanese music genre in their lobbies. Malaysia it self invited Sundanese Kacapi Suling experts from the Province of West Java to teach their expertise in Malaysia.

there are some Kacapi Suling music from L.S. KANCANA SARI In their Abum BANGBARA 1998 that you can download for free below :
1. Arum Bandung download
2. Ayun Ambing download
3. Jaka Sunda download
4. Hariring Bandung download
5. Walang Sungsang download
6. Landangan Naek Ngahelas download
7. Santika download
8. Bangbara download

Discography Hardcore Mp3 - Free Download

Hardcore is a subgenre of punk rock that came from North America and the UK end of the 1970s. This new sound that is characteristic of music in general that is: the guitar sound is thicker, heavier and faster punk rock music from the beginning. Typical songs are usually very short, fast and hard, always carries a song about politics, freedom of thought, violence , escape from social isolation, straight edge, and the sub-culture of hardcore itself.

there are some hardcore music that you can download for free below :
1. The Black Dahlia Murder - Built For Sin [Instrumental] download
2. Mnemic - Blood stained download
3. Unearth - Predetermined Sky download
4. Mudvayne - Dig download
5. Fear Factory - Piss christ download
6. Drowning Pool - Let The Bodies Hit The Floor download
7. Dry Kill Logic - Get The Fuck Out download
8. Arch Enemy - We Will Rise download

Pearl Jam (Unknown Album) - Free Download

Pearl Jam is an American rock band that formed in Seattle, Washington in 1990. Since its inception, the band's line-up has included Eddie Vedder (lead vocals, guitar), Jeff Ament (bass guitar), Stone Gossard (rhythm guitar), and Mike McCready (lead guitar). The band's current drummer is Matt Cameron, formerly of Soundgarden, who has been with the band since 1998.

Formed after the demise of Ament and Gossard's previous band Mother Love Bone, Pearl Jam broke into the mainstream with its debut album, Ten. One of the key bands of the grunge movement in the early 1990s, Pearl Jam was criticized early on—most notably by Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain—as being a corporate cash-in on the alternative rock explosion. However, over the course of the band's career its members became noted for their refusal to adhere to traditional music industry practices, including refusing to make music videos and engaging in a much-publicized boycott of Ticketmaster. In 2006, Rolling Stone described the band as having "spent much of the past decade deliberately tearing apart their own fame."

Since its inception, the band has sold over thirty million records in the U.S.,[2] and an estimated sixty million albums worldwide. Pearl Jam has outlasted many of its contemporaries from the alternative rock breakthrough of the early 1990s, and is considered one of the most influential bands of the decade. Allmusic calls Pearl Jam "the most popular American rock & roll band of the '90s.

These several song of Pearl Jam free charge for download:
1. Pearl Jam (Unknown Album) - First Kiss download
2. Pearl Jam (Unknown Album) - Last Kiss download
3. Pearl Jam feat Ben Harper (Unknown Album) - Indifference download
4. Pearl Jam (Unknown Album) - Throw Your Arms Around Me download
5. Pearl Jam (Unknown Album) - Daughter download
6. Pearl Jam (Unknown Album) - Black download
7. Pearl Jam (Unknown Album) - Betterman download
8. Pearl Jam (Unknown Album) - Alive (Live) download

Ramallah Underground Part 2 : Free Download

Download several songs of Ramallah Underground part 2 free of charge below :

1. Ramallah Underground - Tales From The Front line feat. Paracat download
2. Ramallah Underground - Sot Ramallah download
3. Ramallah Underground - Shoraba download
4. Ramallah Underground - Sabah Il Kheir download
5. Ramallah Underground - Qararat feat. Lethal Skillz download

Uci Bing Slamet : Free Download

Uci Bing Slamet (born 8 February 1963 ; age 46 years) is the vocalist and Indonesian actress, the son of comedian and singer famous in the 1970s Bing Slamet. He also has two younger brother who followed in his father's steps, namely Adi Bing Slamet and Iyut Bing Slamet. Uci have a son named Galih Satria Permadi 25 years, from the relationship with gito Rollies.

There are some memorable songs from Uci Bing Slamet which can be downloaded free of charge below :

1. Uci bing slamet - masih adakah rindu download
2. Uci bing slamet - senja dipantai indah download
3. Uci bing slamet - pertemuan pertama download
4. Uci bing Slamet - Maafkan Daku download
5. Uci bing Slamet - cemara di bukit damai [lyric by Eric Van Houten]download
6. Uci bing slamet - kasih tak sampai download
7. Uci bing slamet - dua remaja bercinta download
8. Uci bing slamet - biarkan angin bertanya download
9. Uci bing slamet - bayang bayang cinta download
10. Uci bing slamet - aku dan kau download
11. Uci Bing Slamet - Bukit Berbunga[lyric by Yonas Pareira] download

Haggard (metal-orchestra) : Free Download

Haggard is a German symphonic metal musical group founded in 1991. The group combines folk, classical music, renaissance and medieval music with modern metal.

Haggard was founded in 1991 and originally played death metal. They changed their musical style after their first demo tape, Introduction in 1992, becoming a band with symphonic melodies and classical instruments but folk themes. The album And Thou Shalt Trust... the Seer marked their breakthrough in 1997. After their second album Awaking the Centuries, they toured through Mexico twice.

In 2004, they released their third album Eppur Si Muove which is about the life of Italian scholar, Galileo Galilei, sentenced to house arrest for heresy by the Church for supporting Copernicus' claim that the Earth revolved around the sun.
Just before their album Awaking The Centuries was released, the group had its highest number of musicians at 21. All their songs are written by vocalist and guitarist, Asis Nasseri.

Several Songs from Haggard that you can downloading for free only by clicking tags below :
1. Haggard Chapter IV In A Full Moon Procession download
2. Haggard Eppur Si Muove download
3. Haggard Per Aspera Ad Astra download
4. Haggard Heavenly Damnation download
5. Haggard Prophecy Fulfilled download
6. Haggard The Final Victory download

The fourth album, Tales of Ithiria, was released in 2008 and is based on a fantasy story.

Current members
• Asis Nasseri – vocals, guitar (1991-present)
• Susanne Ehlers – soprano vocals
• Veronika Kramheller – soprano vocals
• Fiffi Fuhrmann – tenor vocals, bass
• Andreas Peschke – flute
• Steffi Hertz – viola
• Johannes Schleiermacher – cello
• Claudio Quarta – guitar
• Hans Wolf – piano, keyboards
• Luz Marsen – drums, percussion (1991-present)
• Ally - violin
• Schummi- percussion
Former members
• Florian Bartl – oboe, english horn
• Ivica Kramheller (née Percinlic) – double bass
• Michael Stapf – violin
• Judith Marschall – violin
• Doro – violin
• Michael Schumm – timpani, percussion
• Mark Pendry – clarinet
• Sasema – vocals
• Robert Müller – clarinet
• Christoph Zastrow – flute
• Danny Klupp – guitar
• Kathrin Pechlof – harp
• Karin Bodemüller – vocals
• Florian Schnellinger – bass, vocals
• Andi Nad – bass
• Gaby Koss – vocals
• Robin Fischer – bass
• Andi Hemberger – vocals
• Kathrin Hertz – cello
• Andreas Peschke – flute
In addition to the 16 band members, more than 10 guest artists and musicians were involved in the making of the album, Eppur Si Muove.

Chrisye The Legend : Featuring Artist Download

Chrisye, (Rahadi Christian, or Rahadi Chrismansyah; born in Jakarta, 16 September 1949 – and died in Jakarta, March 30, 2007 at the age of 57 years) is an Indonesian pop singer. Play starts when joined as bassist with the band Gipsy, ago he pitched through the song "Lilin-lilin Kecil" in around 1977 and Badai Pasti Berlalu after-career solo as a singer. Some popular songs are “Ketika Tangan dan Kaki Berkata", "Badai Pasti Berlalu", "Aku Cinta Dia", "Hip Hip Hura", "Nona Lisa", and "Pergilah Kasih".

In 1982 Chrisye marry with Damayanti Noor, Noor brothers family members. He then embrace to Islam. From married with Damayanti Noor, Chrisye have four children.

In 1995, BASF Chrisye get Legend Award because his career up against in Indonesia during this music. In 2002, he launched the Decade album contains re-record some old songs.

Since July 31, 2005, Chrisye must be treated in a hospital in Singapore due to contract lung cancer. Originally in the checks, he called the infection the lungs, but further examination was in Singapore to provide results that are suffered disease is lung cancer. Chrisye died on 30 March 2007, at 04.08 WIB in Jakarta due to the pain suffered and burried in Jeruk Purut’s Cemetery, Jakarta.

There are several song from Chrisye Featuring Indonesian Artist that can download it for free below :
1. Chrisye Featuring Peterpan - Menunggumu download
2. Chrisye Featuring Sopia Latjuba kangen download
3. Chrisye Featuring Ungu - Cinta Yang Lain download
4. Chrisye Featuring Atiek CB - Kisah Cintaku download
5. Chrisye Featuring Unknown Artist - Pergilah Kasih download

Opick Yaa Rahman Album : Free Download

Aunur Rofiq Lil Firdaus with nick name Opick (born in Jember, East Java, 16 March 1974; age 35 years) was a creator of religious songs and performers Indonesian.

Opick's first album is Istighfar was released in 2005. One month after the first released, this album is able to print double platinum with sales over 300 thousand copies. In the album, Opick include songs titled "Tombo Ati" in his solo album. Previously, Opick is to enter a song in the album compilation "Tausiyah Dzikir dan Nasyid". Album "Istighfar" success in the market, to penetrate more than 800 thousand copies and has five platinum awards as well. Because the Islamic activities in the track, Opick given the award as a music ambassador group Islamic Nasyid by the ANN (Nasyid Nusantara Institutions).

In 2006 men who claim to have never sing that song carries the rock songs that they released an album entitled "Semesta Bertasbih" (2006). In the album there are ten songs, Taqwa, Irhamna, akdir, Teranglah Hati, 25 Nabi, Semesta Bertasbih, Bismillah, Satu Rindu, Buka Mata Buka Hati dan Ya Rasul. As a hit song in the album is a Takdir that singing feat by Melly Goeslow. In addition to Melly, Opick also featuring with Wafiq Azizah, who as a teenager little qoriah in the best international song "Yaa Rasul." There is also collaboration with the group Pandawa Lima Band of the songs "Teranglah Hati". Month of August 2006, not long after launching the second album, Opick issued a book titled, "Opick Oase ; Spiritual dalam Senandung".

there are several songs by Opick who taken from album yaa rahman :
1. Yaa rahman download
2. Rapuh download
3. Mendambamu download
4. Khusnul Khotimah download
5. Taubat download

Discography Instrument : Free Download

Kitaro : The Legend
Kitaro is a star, but it is very simple. "Nature inspire me. I am only a messenger," he said. "For me, part of the song is like clouds, like some water." Since 1983 appreciate to the natural who will make Kitaro tell thanks to Mother Earth in a "concert" on Mount Fuji special or near her home in Colorado each year. At the time of full moon in August, he beat Taiko drum from dusk until dawn. Hands often bleed-blood, but he continues to beat.

From 1983 until 1990 he lived with his wife first, Yuki Taoka. Yuki was the daughter of Kazuo Taoka, godfather of Yamaguchi-gumi, the largest yakuza syndicate. Kitaro and Yuki have a dead-time, Ryunosuke, who lives in Japan. Kitaro part because they generally work in the United States, while Yuki lived and worked in Japan. In the mid 1990s Kitaro married Keiko Matsubara, a musician who played on some album. With them and their son, Kitaro live in the Ward, on the fringe of Boulder, Colorado (USA) at a land in the broadest 730,000 m²) and improvise music in-house studio "Mochi House" the extent of 230 m² (wide enough to accommodate a orchestra with 70 players).

Discographies Instrument Orchestra :
1. Implora Instrument by Diego Modena feat Jean Philipe Audin download
2. Theme From Silk Road by Kitaro download
3. Moon Temple by Karunesh on the album Zen Breakfast download
4. Serenade Unknown Artist download
5. Adagio In C minor by Yanni download

Zain Bhikha : Allah Know's Album Free Download

Zain Bhikha was born on the 9 August 1974 in Pretoria, South Africa to parents Rashid and Mariam Bhikha. The only son, with three sisters, Zain showed a keen interest, from a young age in entertaining his friends and family with his beautiful singing.

Zain was not aware of his full potential until 1994 when he won a singing competition on Radio 702, a local radio station. A simple song which he recorded on his home karaoke system brought him out tops among mostly professional participants. After this great accomplishment, he seriously considered recording an album. This consideration was put into action after he was approached by The Pretoria Muslim School who asked him to write and record their school anthem. Zain took it a step further and composed a full album, entitled “A Way of Life”. This was a compilation of basic Acapella Islamic songs, mostly in English covering the various tenets of Faith. The album, which was the beginning of greater things, only took Zain two weeks to complete.

“A Way of Life” sparked the beginning of many more album releases namely “Praise to the Prophet (SAW)” (1996), “Fortunate is He” (1997) and “The Journey” (1998). Zain Bhikha’s song served to be very popular throughout South Africa, especially for young children who found the songs educational and inspiring. Its popularity caused it to filter abroad and come to the ears of World Renowned Muslim activist Yusuf Islam, better known as Cat Stevens.

Yusuf Islam was working on a momentous project entitled “A is for Allah” and believed Zain could contribute by lending his voice to some of the songs. In 1999, Zain flew to the United Kingdom to join Yusuf Islam’s Mountain of Light Studios to begin recording. This opportunity was a life long dream for Zain. To top it off, he was given the chance to perform in seven of the eight songs on the album. Zain also gained much experience from Yusuf Islam as he had no previous formal music training. It was during the production of this album that Zain was brought on board as an artist under Mountain of Light’s cultural label called “Jamal Records. With the backing of Jamal Records, Zain planned the world-wide release of two compilation albums incorporating all material he had done thus far. These albums were entitled “Children of Heaven” and “Towards the Light”, featuring some remixed songs.

Under the guidance of Mountain of Light and the world-wide distribution power of Jamal Records, Zain released his first new album under the label entitled, “Faith” (2001). The songs in this album deal with a broad spectrum of emotions from hardships to happiness but always invoke a constant consciousness of Allah. The album also brought about collaborations between Zain and well-known Nasheed artist, Dawud Wharnsby Ali. It also introduced the children from Madressah-Tul-Banaat in Benoni, South Africa on backing vocals.
With his popularity rising and live performances around the globe, Zain Bhikha released “Our World” in 2002. This album was a portrayal of the unity which Islam brings to all cultures, languages and traditions through the Will of Allah. Zain’s eldest son, Rashid’s, melodic voice is introduced to us on this album. The title track for his album is a prayer for a better world for all people, one free of prejudice and war.

In 2005 Zain established a South African company called Zain Bhikha Studios. This company serves to house all of Zain’s present and future works in all fields be it song albums, educational projects through schools or theatre productions. Zain also began this with the intention of giving local and international artists the platform to gain exposure through his experience and resources in the industry.

After the establishment of Zain Bhikha Studios, Zain continued his long time relationship with Jamal Records. The two companies formed a partnership with Jamal Records being Zain’s exclusive international distributor. Jamal Records are the driving force behind Zain’s international recognition and his albums’ distribution.

With the birth of his new company came the first album to be produced under the Zain Bhikha Studios label, “Mountains of Makkah”. This album was inspired by Zain’s pilgrimage to Makkah in 2004. Both the content and composition of this album shows much maturity. The lyrics are a ‘personal reflection’ of his thoughts and feelings while partaking in this profound spiritual journey.

A long way from his first appearance on Zain’s “Our World” album and on Yusuf Islam’s momentous kids project “I Look, I See” (2003), Zain’s son, Rashid, released his first single entitle “Can’t You See” (2006). This is a hard hitting rap which stresses the importance of living a drug-free life. It features Zain as well as the well known hip-hop artist, Abdul Malik, from Native Deen who also wrote the song. This song was produced by Zain Bhikha Studios and given world-wide publicity by Jamal Records.

From the time that Zain joined Mountain of Light to establishing Zain Bhikha studios, his experience as an artist has grown tremendously, increasing his exposure both at home and globally. Zain was a pioneer in the Nasheed genre. When Zain started singing, Islamic songs were not being sung in English. As one of the first English Islamic singers he opened the door for many other artists. His albums have been launched in many countries including the United Kingdom, North America, Malaysia, France, Turkey, The Middle East, and Australia. He has performed live in cities across most continents and has become somewhat of a household name when it comes to Islamic Music.

In addition to music, he also writes and directs plays written specifically for schools. One of his many successful school plays, “An Orphans Tale”, which he produced in conjunction with the Pretoria Muslim School, was a great success and brought a full house for all three nights that it ran in October 2003.

Zain has performed with a long list of artists such as Dawud Wharnsby, Ashiq al Rasul, Hasan Kalicitan, Khalid Belhrouzhi, Native Deen, Qatrunada, Imad Rami, Sami Yusuf, Dewan Chinekar, Irfan Makki, Khaleel Mohamed and not forgetting his mentor, Yusuf Islam. In his many local performances for Islamic schools, launches, fetes and dinners, Zain has performed with local artists like Faeeza Malinga, Ziyaad Patel, Imran Dhaya and of course, his son Rashid Bhikha.

Zain’s songs are mainly self written or adapted from poems and traditional Arabic songs. His songs are driven by emotion and the need to reassure people that Islam is the answer of hope and the core for our everyday questions and confusion. Many of his songs represent different times in his life when he is learning and remembering how necessary Allah’s presence is. Zain’s songs provide young and old with an alternative to the modern music which often carries a destructive message. His music is Islamic propagation and encourages every Muslim to be proud to proclaim there faith.

Zain confidently adds that much of his support has come from his parents and family over the years. He lives with his wife, Zaheera and three children in Johannesburg, South Africa.

And there's several songs of zain bhikha who taken from Allah know's album :
1. Allah knows download
2. flowers are red download writen by Harry Chapin
3. my mum is amazing download
4. pizza in his pocket download
5. lay down your head download
6. can't you see download
7. slowly slow download
8. cant take it with you download
9. diin il islam download

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KLA PROJECT download : New Album 2008

At 29 November 2008 kla have entered the age of 20 years. Their progress in the world music of the country, of course, the more mature. Kla again this time will launch their new album with theme or title KLA RETURNS 2008. Latest album is the track that contains 4 songs of these two songs is new and two again is repackage songs. in first song (someday), KLA featured by Christopher Aguilar (rapper from england) and below is songs of KLA PROJECT RETURNS ALBUM :

1. Kla Project From The Returns Album 2008 " Someday" download
2. Kla Project From The Returns Album 2008 " Tak Ingin Ku beralih" download
3. Kla Project From The Returns Album 2008 " Jogjakarta" download
4. Kla Project From The Returns Album 2008 " Semoga" download

Notice :
Kla Music Project is a group of Indonesian origin who founded by Roselle Nava, lilo (Romulo Radjadin), Adi Adrian, and Ari Burhani. Kla own name from the initials of the band personal name. Because the two personel who have name with initial front of A, then the letter A in the word "kla" made different (using the letter nonkapital). But after the third album released kla (White Sands) in 1992, Ari Burhani and switch out the role as manager to the band at this time.

Then Kla run with the formation of three lay people and five albums. In March 2001, turn out the lilo's band. Kla but still go on despite leaving only Katon and Adi. Then in 2003, kla decided to add three new personnel, namely Erwin Prasetya, Joel Priyatna Day and Goro. Their names are changed to NuKLa. NuKLa was issued one album in 2004 titled the "New Chapter".

In 2006, Erwin Prasetya decided to quit because of differences NuKLa vision. Not long after that, Roselle Nava NuKLa that changed its name back into kla Project. One reason is the difficulty to change the image of the old kla to become new version and vision of KLA. Some members of kla Project also have been made a career solo . Katon has released six albums, Adi print have been made two albums, and lilo made one album only.

NFS Pro Street Soundtrack List : Free Download

Need For Speed (NFS) is a series of racing video games developed by Canadian based company EA Black Box and published by Electronic Arts. The series was originally developed by the Canadian based company Distinctive Software, which became known as EA Canada. The series debuted with The Need for Speed in North America, Japan, and Europe in 1994. Initially, the series was exclusive to the fifth generation consoles and was featured in all of the seventh generation video game consoles by 2008. The games consist mainly of racing with various cars on various tracks, and to some extent, include police pursuits in races. In Japan, the series was released as Over Drivin. After the release of Need for Speed: High Stakes, it adopted the western name. Since Need for Speed: Underground, the series has integrated car body customization into gameplay.
Download Need for Speed - ProStreet Track List below :
01. The Horrors Draw Japan download
02. TV On The Radio Wolf Like Me download
03. We Are Wolves Fight And Kiss download
04. Datarock I Used To Dance With My Daddy (Karma Harvest Mix) download
05. Plan B No Good (Chase & Status and Benni G Remix) download
06. Wiley Bow E3 | download
07. Junkie XL feat. Lauren Rocket More ( Junk O Flamenco Remix ) download
08. DudeNNem Watch My Feet download
09. Bloc Party Prayer (Does It Offend You, Yeah Remix) download
Notice :
Need for Speed: ProStreet is the 2007 released title in the Need for Speed series. Key features of the game include realistic damage, a return to realistic racing (instead of the arcade-like racing of previous titles), modeling, burnouts and more. The game also lacks the free roam mode in which players can roam the streets. Instead, all of the races are on closed race tracks that take place on organized race days.
The game was released on November 13, 2007 in North America and on November 23, 2007 in the UK. However sales were poor and critics bashed the game because of its awkward, unrealistic physics engine, boring single player career mode and unresponsive controls.

TV on the Radio : wolf like me free download

TV on the Radio (often abbreviated to TVotR) is an American experimental rock band formed in 2001 in New York City. The band's music spans through numerous diverse genres, from alternative rock and electro to free jazz and soul. The group has released several EPs including their debut Young Liars (2003), and three acclaimed albums: Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes (2004), Return to Cookie Mountain (2006), and Dear Science (2008).

TV on the Radio is composed of Tunde Adebimpe (vocals/loops), David Andrew Sitek (guitars/keyboards/loops), Kyp Malone (vocals/guitars/loops) along with Jaleel Bunton (drums) and Gerard Smith (bass/keyboards). Other contributors include Katrina Ford of Celebration (vocals), Kazu Makino of Blonde Redhead (vocals), Martin Perna of Antibalas (saxophones, flute), David Bowie (vocals) and Nick Zinner of Yeah Yeah Yeahs (guitar).

Wolf Like Me
• Release Date: 9/12/2006
• Format: Album "Return To Cookie Mountain"
• Length : 4:39
• To download the original mp3 just click on the title above and click this to download the lyric

Siti Nurhaliza : Lentera Timur Free Download

Dato' Siti Nurhaliza binti Tarudin DIMP, JSM, SAP, PMP, AAP (born January 11, 1979) is a multiple-award winning Malaysian pop singer-songwriter. Up to date, she has garnered more than 200 local awards as well as international awards.

LENTERA TIMUR is latest album from Dato 'Siti Nurhaliza the market earlier this year that provides traditional contemporary concept. This album is very meaningful for Siti and also because the fans of Siti after the occurrence of the album Sanggar Mustika, Siti only recording pop album for several years.

More meaningful, the 9 songs in this album produced by Express MACP workshop Â-rhythmic Malaysia Siti Nurhaliza with held in January on this year. All this resulted in a track the 3 days by several composers and lyrics writers famous country. Two more of the selected song is creation Roselle Nava Pak Ngah and the eleven songs in this album.

Songs in the album lebel that is Di Kayangan Kita (Johari Teh / Keon), Bintang Malam (Johan Nawawi/Amran Omar), Cinta Ini (Katon Bagaskara)Ada Masa Mata (M.Nasir/Ad Samad),Bulan Yang Mesra (Khairil Johari Johar/Zubir Ali), Seloka Budi (Adnan Abu Hassan/Azam Dungun), Rasa Antara Kita (Khairil Johari Johar/Zubir Ali), Senyum Minang Manis (Zul Mahat/Abot), Joget Menanti Kasih (S.Atan/Habsah Hassan), Di Taman Teman (Fauzi Marzuki/Hairul Anuar Harun) dan Jelmakanlah Ayumu (Pak Ngah).

Download all of tracks by clicking tags below :

1. “Di Kayangan Kita” Johari Teh, Keon | download
2. “Bintang Malam” Johan Nawawi, Amran Omar | download
3. “Cinta Ini” Katon Bagaskara | download
4. “Ada Masa Mata” M. Nasir, Ad Samad | download
5. “Bulan Yang Mesra” Khairil Johari Johar, Zubir Ali | download
6. “Seloka Budi” Adnan Abu Hassan, Azam Dungun | download
7. “Rasa Antara Kita” Khairil Johari Johar, Zubir Ali | download
8. “Senyum Minang Manis” Zul Mahat, Abot | download
9. “Joget Menanti Kasih” S.Atan, Habsah Hassan | download
10. “Di Taman Teman” Fauzi Marzuki, Hairul Anuar Harun | download
11. “Jelmakanlah Ayumu” Pak Ngah | download

Palestine Songs : Ramallah Underground Part 1

Ramallah Underground is a musical collective based in Ramallah, Palestine, attempting to rejuvenate Arabic culture through their music.

Download all of track Part 1 by clicking tags below :
Track List
1. 970 download
2. min il kaheff (feat. lethal skillz) download
3. taht il ankad download
4. mish beinatna - B-dub remix ( download
5. ta'al shoof download

Notice :
Ramallah Underground, based in Ramallah, Palestine, was born from the immediacy of musical experimentation and the need to give voice to a generation of Palestinians and Arabs who face a turbulent and uncertain political landscape.

The collective was founded by artists Boikutt, Stormtrap, and Aswatt and has always held a commitment to both the honesty of their work and the need to creatively rejuvenate Arabic culture. To this end they combine music ranging from hip-hop, trip hop to downtempo with a deep sense of their local culture and imposing presence of Palestine in their lives. The outcome is a new specific sound, which has never been heard before.

RU (as producers and as MC's ) has collaborated with numerous artists across the globe, including countries like Lebanon, UK, Switzerland, Italy, USA, France and many more, including a collaboration with Slovo (a band headed by the guitarist from Faithless) in their track "Nakba" which appears on their new album Todo Cambia

RU has also performed live shows in Ramallah, Bethlehem, Vienna, London, Cairo, Lausanne, Amsterdam and Washington, D.C. Their live shows are mainly a performance of their hip-hop tracks, as well as a few of their own electronic productions as a warm up. More recently RU has incorporated a visual set in their live performances brought to you by Palestinian visual artist Ruanne.

Their popularity in the independent cultural scene has also led to some media exposure including BBC Arabic radio, AFP France TV/newspapers/magazines, Current TV, Palestine TV, Radio 1 Lebanon, Dubai One TV, Reuters, Gulf News, Socialist Worker UK and many more independent outlets across the world.

Their lyrics and music are an expression of anguish and defiance, ultimately remaining a defiant voice of the colonized against the colonizer. They continue to play a big role in the Arab Underground cultural scene while slowly gaining wide global and local popularity.

Although Ramallah Underground does not have an official release as of yet, (they have appeared on many official releases as can be seen from their discography on their MySpace page; they have numerous songs on the internet , and mostly use the internet as a way of circulating their music.