Free Nasyid Download : Raihan Part 1

Raihan is a nasyid group originating from Malaysia. Raihan itself means fragrance, and the album debuted with praise and sellers including in Indonesia. Raihan had a double platinum album Demi Masa. Raihan often invited to concerts throughout the world, including in Hong Kong, Canada, France, Russia and the UK. As a concert in England, Raihan award given by Queen Elizabeth II.

Raihan has collaborated with several musical groups, and had tried to experiment in the song Do U Know Him? with RnB group of Muslims in the UK mecca2medina, also collaborated with Muhammad al-Husayyan in Araftuka songs. With the band of Malaysia, has been also collaborating on a song on the album Allahu.

there are some mp3 music of Raihan compilation Part 1 that you can download for free below:
1. Raihan - The Right Path download
2. Raihan - Perjalanan download
3. Raihan - Assubhubada download
4. Raihan - Bonds of Love download
5. Raihan - Itiraf download
6. Raihan - Ching Ai Ching Ai download
7. Raihan - Ashabul Kahfi download
8. Raihan - Assalaimualaikum download