Dangdut Compilation Part 1 : Free Download

Dangdut is a genre of art music that developed in Indonesia. This form of music rooted in the Malay music from the 1940s. In the evolution of the contemporary forms of influence are now entering the music elements of India (especially the use of the tabla) and Arabic (in the twisted and harmonization). Current political changes in Indonesia late 1960s to open the entry of the influence of western music with a strong entry of the use of electric guitar and also the form of marketing. Since 1970s Dangdut can be said has been cooked in a contemporary form. As popular music, Dangdut is open to the influence of other forms of music, ranging from Keroncong, melody, gamelan, gambus, rock, pop, and even house music.

Pronouncing the name "Dangdut" is the voice of onomatope game tabla (in the world called Dangdut kettledrum only) and the characteristic is dominated by the noise and dang ndut. This name is actually a cynic in a magazine article in 1970-an early form of music for wither a very popular class in the community of workers at that time.

there are some mp3 music of Dangdut compilation that you can download for free below:
1. Song of Dangdut part 1 Unknown Artis download
2. Song of Dangdut part 2 Unknown Artis download
3. Jangan Cintai Aku Lagi - Keke download
4. Sepi - Ike Nurjanah download
5. Tentang Cinta - Manis Manja download
6. Seribu Hari - Manis Manja download

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