The Best Of D'lloyd : Free Download

D'Lloyd consists of Bartje van Houten (guitar), Sjamsuddin (vocal), Chairul (drums), Totok (bass), Budi (KIBOR), and Yuyun (sax / flute). Founded in 1969, and recorded in 1972, D'Lloyd (derived from the word Djakarta Llyod) remains lasting until now.

There is no change personel, except Juhanny Fatmarida Susilo alias Yuyun, who joined in 1995 replacing Andre Gultom who died. "We already have a family so large. Difficult to separate, "said Bartje van Houten, D'Lloyd as leadership.

D'Lloyd is a band that the personel came from different ethnics in the country. Bartje people of Ambon, Sjam from Aceh , Yuyun from Java (Surabaya), and the Batak and Manado also.

there are some mp3 music "The Best" Of D'lloyd compilation that you can download for free below :
1. D'lloyd - Mengapa Harus Jumpa download
2. D'lloyd - Cinta Hampa download
3. D'lloyd - Rintihan Hidup download
4. D'lloyd - Titik Noda download
5. D'lloyd - Pilu download
6. D'lloyd - Oh... Dimana download
7. D'lloyd - Keagungan Tuhan download
8. D'lloyd - Maafkan Segala Dosa download
9. D'lloyd - Diam - Diam Jatuh Cinta download
10. D'lloyd - Bunga Nirwana download
11. D'lloyd - Hidup di Bui download


Wildan Comunication said...

terimakasih ...saya sangat senang bisa dengarkan lagi lagu2 kesayangan. di masa lalu

Amir Mohammed said...

Thank you very much. These songs remind me of yester years when i was playing my guitar by the beach in my hometown Penang, Malaysia. Esp Mengapa Harus Jumpa.

Anonymous said...

kapan lg ada konser saya pasti datang


Sambil ngabuburit mau dengerin lagu nostalgia nih

Anonymous said...

Sebelum tidur mari dengarkan lagu kenangan .. Thankss yaa

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