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Bondan Prakoso (born May 8, 1984, age 26 years) is Indonesian musician who began his musical career as a singer in the 80s. The album thanks to his soaring dolphins. D3 alumni of Dutch Literature, University of Indonesia this teenager and her adult career began when the band Funky Corporal in the year 1999 until 2002. Now he formed a new band named Bondan Prakoso & Fade 2 Black.

Bondan Prakoso is the second of three pairs of brothers and Lili Yulianingsih this Batara Sisco began his career as a singer in the '80s and early '90s. Her first album titled The Dolphins successfully market and raises his name.

In the year 1999, formed the band Funky Bondan Corporal, as bassist, up to release a third album fruit. Even the band's second album awarded by AMI Sharp Awards in 2001 for Best Alternative Group category. In 2003, Funky Corporal released their third album with the collaboration along with the hits singles Setiawan Djodi Gecko and was again awarded by AMI Sharp Awards in 2003 for Best Rock Collaboration category.

Unfortunately, after they released their third album, the band disbanded. Until in 2005 he memebentuk new band named Bondan Prakoso & Fade 2 Black with a Pop Rock genre of music combined with Rap. With this new band, Bondan awarded similar, namely AMI Sharp Awards in 2008 for Best Rap Group category.

Previously, in 2006 Bondan together 12 people from various bands bass player in Indonesia, such as Thomas "DENTAL", Rindra "Rice", Bongky "BIP", Adam Sheila on 7 and other Indonesian bassist awarded by MURI award for most appearances in a Bassist stage.

Personal life
On December 17, 2007, Bondan marry her boyfriend, named Margaret or Margie familiarly called and held at Restaurant Cibintung, Ciputat, Tangerang, with a dowry in the form of a set of tools of prayer and 17 grams of gold.

For All is the third album by Bondan Prakoso & Fade 2 Black. The album was released in 2010 which contains 11 songs with the song O Come hits singles.

Track listing
1. Ya Sudahlah
2. Good Time
3. Tetap Semangat
4. Sang Juara
5. Bumi ke Langit
6. Not With Me
7. S.O.S
8. For All
9. Terinjak Terhempas
10. Kita Selamanya
11. Tidurlah

Official Theme Song FIFA World Cup 2010

The name alone conjures up images of unbridled destruction, merciless warlords and ruthless terror. A place where nobody—children, the elderly, religious figures—is safe from the atrocities of war, and where the idea of “childhood,” where 8-year olds handle AK-47s like toys, exists in chronological terms alone. When Forbes magazine recently unveiled their “Most Dangerous Destinations,” Somalia, above Iraq and Afghanistan, topped the list.

But it’s also “The Nation of Poets,” where a poem can both inspire peace and end wars. Where every weekend, regardless of the climate, one can find a play or concert at a local theatre.

Genre : Hip Hop / Folk / Afrobeat
City of origin : Somalia / Toronto
Record Label : A & M / Octone
Web Site:
Current Location: Mogadisho, Toronto, LA
Current Album from K’NAAN as an official world cup 2010 (South Africa)
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K'naan - Wavin Flag mp3 download

Growing up, it was both of these Somalias that informed musician/emcee K’NAAN Warsame, whose sophomore album Troubadour will be released in January 2009. The grandson of Haji Mohamed, one of Somalia’s most famous poets, and nephew of famed Somali singer Magool, the emcee is creating his own musical path through reggae, funk, pop, soul and, above all, hip-hop.

thufail al ghifari : Free Download Mp3 Part 1

Thufail beginning to make an album inspired by the preaching event of September 11 and Bali bombings. "With limited knowledge, I want to criticize the various phenomena that exist," he said.

With verses full of criticisms and intelligence rationale, Thufail steadily making a charity album that made the field for preaching. "I want to make recordings that can be heard all the people," asserted Thufail.

Straight intention to make Thufail grateful to be preachers through music that has become his soul. Poem titled first album release of the Long War by indie labels. And now, with the stream of hip-hop music, Thufail released her second album titled From The One Where We Land Base.

On the first album, his thoughts pour Thufail about global phenomena such as the struggle of the Palestinian war in Chechnya, and Muslim Pattani problem. While the second album, his verse is more soft and somewhat different. Although still adopt the jihad, poetry on this album is more comprehensive because it calls on the moral improvement. This second album as a sort of bias connection or perfecting the previous album. "Because of Islam must be discussed syamil (perfect) and mutakamil (complete)," he said.

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Thufail Al Ghifari - Catatan Terakhir
Thufail Al Ghifari - Thufail Dan Mikrofon
Thufail Al Ghifari - Puritan (Homicide Is Dead)
Thufail Al Ghifari - Bergabung Bersama Kafilah
Thufail Al Ghifari - Doa, Batu, Dan Air Mata
Thufail Al Ghifari - Bukan Hanya Salah Firaun
Thufail Al Ghifari - Dari Atas Satu Tanah Tempat Kita Berpijak
Thufail Al Ghifari - Surat Untuk Ibu
Thufail al Ghifari - Wangi Syuhada
Thufail Al Ghifari - Bergabung Bersama Kafilah

Not Finding Popularity

Thufail workmanship first album full of struggle. With the help of Allah is he trying to make it happen. "God can make me survive," recalled Thufail.

To be able to record, the guy who does not want his face photographed raising money itself is not even uncomfortable to work as a cleaning service. He always earned income set aside for recording costs.

Ramallah Underground Part 3 : Free Download

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1. Ramallah Underground - Mish Beinatna.mp3 download
2. Ramallah Underground - Reporting Live Feat.Bukue One Chakal.mp3 download
3. Ramallah Underground - Nateejeh Bala Shoghol.mp3 download
4. Ramallah Underground - Khaleeni Aeesh.mp3 download
5. Ramallah Underground - Kanabel Mudeea.mp3 download

Drowning Pool Compilation : Free Download

Drowning Pool is a four-piece heavy metal band that was formed in 1996 in Dallas, Texas, United States. They are currently signed to Eleven Seven Music and have released three albums, their most recent being Full Circle, which was released on August 7, 2007. Each of their three albums has featured a different lead singer. After original lead singer Dave Williams died, Jason Jones took over for their second album, Desensitized. When he left the band for personal reasons, he was replaced by former Soil lead singer Ryan McCombs for Full Circle. The band recently played in Crüe Fest 2: The White Trash Circus in the Summer of 2009.

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Drowning Pool - Let The Bodies Hit The Floor
Drowning Pool Feat Rob Zombie - The Man Without Fear (Daredevil OST)
Drowning Pool - Enemy
Drowning Pool - Soldiers
Drowning Pool - Time To Play The Game

Ryan McCombs - vocals
C.J. Pierce - guitar, backing vocals
Stevie Benton - bass guitar, backing vocals
Mike Luce - drums, percussion, backing vocals


Sinner (2001)
Desensitized (2004)
Full Circle (2007)
Drowning Pool (2010)

GIGI BAND : free download album(2008)

Gigi is the name of a musical group from Bandung, Indonesia that carries the music of pop and rock. The group was established on March 22, 1994, with initial format Aria Baron, Thomas Ramdhan, Ronald Fristianto, god Budjana and Armand Maulana.

After acting for 11 years in Indonesia's music blantika, this group has undergone personnel changes over and over again. Final format (for now) this group is:

* Armand Maulana
* Dewa Budjana
* Thomas Ramdhan
* Gusti Hendy

With the same desire of capital, especially in the field of music Aria Baron, Thomas Ramdhan, Ronald Fristianto, Lord Armand Maulana Budjana and on March 22, 1994 founded the music group were given a unique name: GIGI.
Their presence in Indonesia's music initially blantika indirect shine just like that, but judging from the appearance, abilities and experience it, they can be categorized as full a musical group to be reckoned with his presence.

Music is the bonding together. We live for music and music precisely who supported us. Until whenever we will continue to have passion in music. This is the recipe that makes us stand up to thirteen years. (Armand Maulana - vocalist Gigi).

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1. Pemimpin Budiman
2. Jalan Kebenaran
3. Gerbang Cintamu
4. Rinduku Cintamu
5. Yang Tak Terlupakan I
6. Dosa Ini
7. Karuniamu
8. Yang Tak Terpikirkan
9. Jalan Kebenaran (karaoke)
10. Rinduku Cintamu (karaoke)

website :

The Rolling Stones : Free Download

The Rolling Stones are an English rock band, formed in 1962 in London when guitarist and harmonica player Brian Jones and pianist Ian Stewart were joined by vocalist Mick Jagger and guitarist Keith Richards. Bassist Bill Wyman and drummer Charlie Watts completed the early lineup. Stewart, deemed unsuitable as a teen idol, was removed from the official lineup in 1963 but continued as the band's road manager and occasional keyboardist until his death in 1985. After signing to Decca Records in 1963, the spelling of their name changed from "the Rollin' Stones" to "the Rolling Stones."

In 1963 Jagger and Richards formed a songwriting partnership and eventually took over leadership of the band as Jones became increasingly troubled and erratic. After recording mainly covers of American blues and R&B songs, every studio record since the 1966 album Aftermath has featured mainly Jagger/Richards songs. Mick Taylor replaced Jones shortly before Jones's death in 1969. Taylor quit in 1974, and was replaced in 1975 by Faces guitarist Ronnie Wood, who has remained with the band ever since. Wyman left the Rolling Stones in 1992, and Darryl Jones, who is not an official band member, has been the primary bassist since 1994.

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First popular in the UK, The Rolling Stones toured the US repeatedly during the early 1960s "British Invasion". The Rolling Stones have released 22 studio albums in the UK (24 in the US), eight concert albums (nine in the US) and numerous compilations; and have album sales estimated at more than 200 million worldwide. Sticky Fingers (1971) began a string of eight consecutive studio albums reaching number one in the United States. Their latest album, A Bigger Bang, was released in 2005. In 1989 The Rolling Stones were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and in 2004 they ranked number 4 in Rolling Stone magazine's 100 Greatest Artists of All Time. In 2008, Billboard magazine ranked The Rolling Stones at number ten on "The Billboard Hot 100 Top All-Time Artists", making them as the second most successful group in the history of Billboard Hot 100 chart.