thufail al ghifari : Free Download Mp3 Part 1

Thufail beginning to make an album inspired by the preaching event of September 11 and Bali bombings. "With limited knowledge, I want to criticize the various phenomena that exist," he said.

With verses full of criticisms and intelligence rationale, Thufail steadily making a charity album that made the field for preaching. "I want to make recordings that can be heard all the people," asserted Thufail.

Straight intention to make Thufail grateful to be preachers through music that has become his soul. Poem titled first album release of the Long War by indie labels. And now, with the stream of hip-hop music, Thufail released her second album titled From The One Where We Land Base.

On the first album, his thoughts pour Thufail about global phenomena such as the struggle of the Palestinian war in Chechnya, and Muslim Pattani problem. While the second album, his verse is more soft and somewhat different. Although still adopt the jihad, poetry on this album is more comprehensive because it calls on the moral improvement. This second album as a sort of bias connection or perfecting the previous album. "Because of Islam must be discussed syamil (perfect) and mutakamil (complete)," he said.

there are some mp3 music of thufail al ghifari mp3 compilation Part 1 that you can download for free below:
Thufail Al Ghifari - Catatan Terakhir
Thufail Al Ghifari - Thufail Dan Mikrofon
Thufail Al Ghifari - Puritan (Homicide Is Dead)
Thufail Al Ghifari - Bergabung Bersama Kafilah
Thufail Al Ghifari - Doa, Batu, Dan Air Mata
Thufail Al Ghifari - Bukan Hanya Salah Firaun
Thufail Al Ghifari - Dari Atas Satu Tanah Tempat Kita Berpijak
Thufail Al Ghifari - Surat Untuk Ibu
Thufail al Ghifari - Wangi Syuhada
Thufail Al Ghifari - Bergabung Bersama Kafilah

Not Finding Popularity

Thufail workmanship first album full of struggle. With the help of Allah is he trying to make it happen. "God can make me survive," recalled Thufail.

To be able to record, the guy who does not want his face photographed raising money itself is not even uncomfortable to work as a cleaning service. He always earned income set aside for recording costs.


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