GIGI BAND : free download album(2008)

Gigi is the name of a musical group from Bandung, Indonesia that carries the music of pop and rock. The group was established on March 22, 1994, with initial format Aria Baron, Thomas Ramdhan, Ronald Fristianto, god Budjana and Armand Maulana.

After acting for 11 years in Indonesia's music blantika, this group has undergone personnel changes over and over again. Final format (for now) this group is:

* Armand Maulana
* Dewa Budjana
* Thomas Ramdhan
* Gusti Hendy

With the same desire of capital, especially in the field of music Aria Baron, Thomas Ramdhan, Ronald Fristianto, Lord Armand Maulana Budjana and on March 22, 1994 founded the music group were given a unique name: GIGI.
Their presence in Indonesia's music initially blantika indirect shine just like that, but judging from the appearance, abilities and experience it, they can be categorized as full a musical group to be reckoned with his presence.

Music is the bonding together. We live for music and music precisely who supported us. Until whenever we will continue to have passion in music. This is the recipe that makes us stand up to thirteen years. (Armand Maulana - vocalist Gigi).

download free mp3 from album Jalan Kebenaran (2008)

1. Pemimpin Budiman
2. Jalan Kebenaran
3. Gerbang Cintamu
4. Rinduku Cintamu
5. Yang Tak Terlupakan I
6. Dosa Ini
7. Karuniamu
8. Yang Tak Terpikirkan
9. Jalan Kebenaran (karaoke)
10. Rinduku Cintamu (karaoke)

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