Pop Sunda Compilation : Free Download

Pop music is a representation of Sundanese musicians Sunda creativity. This kind of music can not escape from the service Koko Koswara (alm) with a more popular nickname Mang Koko. He was born with some pop musicians to enliven Sunda Nusantara music, including Nano S, which compose pop Sunda gamelan combine with kawih Western music and instruments.

He is one of the pioneering early music pop Sunda, the context for this era music more overcast as the flow of music a more contemporary and young. Indeed correct Sundanese pop music can not be compared with Western pop music and the national. However, can not be denied also that pop music is still loved in part of Sunda generation, especially my own.

Sunda pop music is one of the cultural products produced from the tribe of musicians dialectics Sunda Sundanese people with experience, and then packed in estetic back to the awareness of the identity of sundanesse.

With the spirit of modernization, they are not glued to the musical instruments Sunda but with collaborations musical instruments West (diatonik) to preserve the art and culture so forth Sundanese pop music genre.

Historically, according to Edwin Juriens (2006), the birth of pop music artists Bandung Suara Kantjana the 1950s. They are the pioneers combinations lyrics Sundanese instruments with pop music in the West under the leadership of Muhammad Yassin. After that, the relay rod of the creation of pop music and Sunda forwarded Djuhari and Mang Koko. Now, with the time of the case, independent of birth young musicians who give the tone-tone with the tone Sunda rock, pop, hip hop, rap, and so forth.

there are some mp3 music pop sunda compilation that you can download for free below :
0. Intro download
1. Janji Engkang download
2. Dina Melang download
3. Lelesaheun download
4. Ibarat Karat download
5. Kamana Cintana download
6. Bejana download
7. Bulan download