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Chrisye, (Rahadi Christian, or Rahadi Chrismansyah; born in Jakarta, 16 September 1949 – and died in Jakarta, March 30, 2007 at the age of 57 years) is an Indonesian pop singer. Play starts when joined as bassist with the band Gipsy, ago he pitched through the song "Lilin-lilin Kecil" in around 1977 and Badai Pasti Berlalu after-career solo as a singer. Some popular songs are “Ketika Tangan dan Kaki Berkata", "Badai Pasti Berlalu", "Aku Cinta Dia", "Hip Hip Hura", "Nona Lisa", and "Pergilah Kasih".

In 1982 Chrisye marry with Damayanti Noor, Noor brothers family members. He then embrace to Islam. From married with Damayanti Noor, Chrisye have four children.

In 1995, BASF Chrisye get Legend Award because his career up against in Indonesia during this music. In 2002, he launched the Decade album contains re-record some old songs.

Since July 31, 2005, Chrisye must be treated in a hospital in Singapore due to contract lung cancer. Originally in the checks, he called the infection the lungs, but further examination was in Singapore to provide results that are suffered disease is lung cancer. Chrisye died on 30 March 2007, at 04.08 WIB in Jakarta due to the pain suffered and burried in Jeruk Purut’s Cemetery, Jakarta.

There are several song from Chrisye Featuring Indonesian Artist that can download it for free below :
1. Chrisye Featuring Peterpan - Menunggumu download
2. Chrisye Featuring Sopia Latjuba kangen download
3. Chrisye Featuring Ungu - Cinta Yang Lain download
4. Chrisye Featuring Atiek CB - Kisah Cintaku download
5. Chrisye Featuring Unknown Artist - Pergilah Kasih download


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