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Nasyid is one of the art in the field of Islamic art is the libretto voice. Is usually figured that Islam and contains words of advice, stories of the prophets, praise God, and the like. Nasyid are usually sung accompanied only with acappela kettledrum. This method appears as many scholars of Islam that forbid the use of musical instruments musical instrument except perkusi.

Nasyid begin to enter the era of Indonesia about 80 years-an. Development started initially by activist-activist who study Islam began to grow in the campuses at that time. At the beginning of a lyric-sung lyric original Arabic. However, eventually developing nasyid with the Indonesian and the theme that the more knowledgeable (not just the theme and jihad martyr). Nasyid usually sung in weddings, holiday celebrations and Muslims.

it is one type of music that simply launch development in the early 90's. Nasyid itself comes from the arab language means hum. In the arab, the whole song is called nasyid, but different in Indonesia, only the theme song about liturgy to Allah SWT only known as nasyid.

Nasyid start appearing in the know from the land of Palestine, the lyric makes the audience to animate the spirit of jihad in the land of Palestine. Indonesia began to enter the early 90's than nasyid the spirit of the land of Palestine is also the country's neighbor Malaysia. Nasyid group from Malaysia who is starting to enter Indonesia is the Zikr, the flow of music that they take the flow Perkusi.

Around 1997, the start entry nasyid group like Raihan, them songs can be received in the community. So also groups other nasyid from Malaysia also like Hijjaz, Rabbani, and others.

Now the flow of the type of music that one is growing in Indonesia, almost in every area we can find nasyid groups.

We can find the nasyid group that is quite senior and can be the precursor nasyid groups in Indonesia, namely Snada, and Gradient Izzatul Islam. Voters in Malang have companionship, in Bandung have BPM, Mupla, Mentari, The Fikr, Hawari. in Yogyakarta, we can find a group nasyid Justice Voice, and many other groups that can not be mentioned one by one.

Nasyid from each group that appears, the different types of music that they submit. There are a genre acapella (without musical instruments), perkusi, acoustic, and so forth. Along with the creative nasyid groups in selecting the type of mainstream music and themes to disclose nasyid, nasyid then receive the most knowledgeable in the community throughout. (Source from

there are some Nasyid music from The Zikr that you can download for free below :
1. The Zikr - Disinilah Kita download
2. The Zikr - Sketsa Kehidupan download
3. The Zikr - Mengemis Kasih download
4. The Zikr - Allah Is Calling download
5. The Zikr - Kasih Mesra download
6. The Zikr - Secerah Pawarna download
7. The Zikr - Istri Solehah download
8. The Zikr - Perantau download
9. The Zikr - Rasululah download
10. The Zikr - Tak Seindah Sentuhan Mata download